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Interval International Select Resorts
As The Quality Vacation Exchange Network, Interval International has been renowned for its high standards for more than 30 years. Its Resort Recognition program establishes standards for resorts in each tier.

Interval International Select Resorts provide a great vacation experience, and are distinguished by a comfortable and home-like atmosphere. They are identified by the pineapple, a centuries-old symbol of hospitality, welcome, friendliness, and warmth. The Interval International grading is based upon Interval members exchange score reports that monitor service and quality levels as well as resort facilities, in addition to a yearly inspection by Interval International.

RCI Gold Crown Resorts
Gold Crown is the highest accolade in RCI's world-wide Resort Recognition Programme, with Gold Crown status awarded only to those resorts which attain the very highest levels of excellence in resort accommodation and hospitality.

To qualify for Gold Crown status, a resort must not only receive consistently high quality and service ratings from RCI member comment cards, but must also meet the stringent requirements of an independent evaluation of its unit amenities, resort facilities and guest services.

In addition to honouring individual resorts, the resort recognition programme also adds value for members, who gain additional trading power if the resort at which they own is awarded Gold Status.

VOASA, previously known as the Timeshare Institute of Southern Africa, was established in 1990 as an organization representing the interests of the respective stakeholders with its primary objective being to “create, maintain and develop an environment within which the long-term viability and growth of vacation ownership through shared vacation ownership can be optimally ensured.”

Fundamental to the existence of VOASA, is its ability to self regulate and control the industry in such a manner that the national authorities, via the Department of Trade & Industry, is confident of its ongoing ability to manage and deliver a mature industry that instills confidence within all stakeholders and is positively perceived by the consumer at large.

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