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Bantry Bay Timeshare: Bantry Bay International Vacation Resort is nestled against the sheer cliffs of the Cape Riviera, overlooking the magnificent Atlantic Ocean. Situated close to the world-famous beaches, and heart of cosmopolitan Cape Town, Bantry Bay is one of South Africa’s most sought after destinations.

Just metres above the surf, a sun-washed wooden leisure and pool deck is the place to relax and enjoy sunset cocktail and listen to the waves. The self-contained apartments are light and airy, fully serviced and lavishly equipped with linen, towels, crockery and kitchen utensils.

The Concepts of Timesharing:

  1. What is Timesharing?
  2. How timeshare works
  3. The benefits of Timesharing
  4. What is a time module?
  5. What is flexitime as opposed to fixed time?
  6. How and when do I go about booking my flexi module?
  7. May I upgrade my flexi week for a larger apartment?
  8. How and when must I reserve my fixed week at Bantry Bay?
  9. How do I space bank my fixed week with RCI?

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  1. Management Regulations Rules
  2. Matters to be Stated ...
  3. Owner Information Update Form
  4. Use & Occupation Agreement


  1. 1st Floor
  2. 2nd Floor
  3. 3rd, 4th and 5th Floors
  4. Penthouse 701
  5. Neptune Penthouse

Download as .pdf documents:

  1. Bantry Buzz Newsletter
    • 2018 Annual Budget
    • 2018 Levy Breakdown
    • 2018 Timeshare Calendar
  2. 2018 Annual Report
  3. Proxy form for AGM 2018
  4. Owners' Update

To purchase Timeshare at The Bantry Bay International Vacation Resort, please contact the General Manager at :
Telephone: +27 - 21 -  439 0333 or
by E-Mail at:

VOASA, previously known as the Timeshare Institute of Southern Africa, was established in 1990 as an organization representing the interests of the respective stakeholders with its primary objective being to “create, maintain and develop an environment within which the long-term viability and growth of vacation ownership through shared vacation ownership can be optimally ensured.”

Fundamental to the existence of VOASA, is its ability to self regulate and control the industry in such a manner that the national authorities, via the Department of Trade & Industry, is confident of its ongoing ability to manage and deliver a mature industry that instills confidence within all stakeholders and is positively perceived by the consumer at large.

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